Our Commitment

Environmental Responsibility


We understand how important the environment is now and for future generations. That’s why we take our environmental responsibilities seriously.

We recently invested in brand new, low-emission plant to utilise on all our major contracts. This plant is Euro 6 compliant – meaning it meets the European Union’s emissions standards.

We also work in partnership with our fuel supplier Oilfast – taking part in their Tree Planting scheme. Since 2013, Oilfast are planting one tree in Scotland for every delivery of 1100 litres or more of commercial gas oil.

These trees have grown in size and number and now The Oilfast Forest exists in Laudale, Morvern Peninsula on Scotland’s West Coast.

McGeady are proud to say 66 trees have been planted on our behalf in the last 12 months through our environmental partnership with Oilfast.

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